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Upper socks is a website specialized around one product: high-end socks. For the amateurs to aficionados of these products, this website is made for you. offices are based in Paris, France.

Where do our products come from?
Upper socks does not commercialize simple “brands” but our products are made from only the most renowned manufacturers.
Our main ones are: Calzificio Palaltino (Rome), Bresciani (Milan), Sozzi Calze (Milan) and Pantherella (UK). These are all family businesses based in England or Italy. They all belong to a “history”, often where the name of the family is the same as the company’s name following many generations. We often travel to England and Italy (Italy, Rome, Milan and Florence) to pick out the most symbolic models in the workshops.

Upper socks is a website offering : 
- A simple and secure browsing system 
- As opposed to other websites, the delivery fees are always free 
- We are based in Paris and we deliver in over 70 countries. Among our selection, you can find our Bresciani or Calzificio Palatino socks, made out of Scottish thread, Merino wool or cashmere. Our colored socks: blue marine, black, green, red and brown.

For the pleasure of buying or offering, order your socks online

Headquarters : 22 bis rue Pétrarque - 75116 Paris, France
Phone : +33 (0)1 47 04 46 51
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